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14th October 2011

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Check out Mental Floss’ collection of bookstore cats: Books and cats go together as well as peanut butter and jelly. You could file them under “things that are nice to curl up with” -at the same time! Here are some great stores with with friendly and attractive cats.

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I love it when bookstores have cats. I used to go to Shakespeare and Co. when I was having a bad day and pet the cat. Sadly, he died earlier this year.

The used bookstore in Vancouver that I used to frequent had a cat.  He would lounge around on top of the comics bins.  

Yes, becatted bookstores are the best! I miss the one that used to be near me and which had three resident black cats. Two were named Fee and Foo. I don’t know what the last one’s name was — probably Horatio or something like that.

I’ve never been to a becatted bookstore, and that makes me sad. However, I have delivered to a couple of places where the owner had their dog in the store.

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